An overview of various publications by and directly related to RoboSail systems:


Learning to win – the RoboSail Project'

M.L. van Aartrijk & C.P. Tagliola, © RoboSail systems BV & University of Amsterdam, 1999

Not publically available.  

'Automatic sailshape recognition’

M. de Gids, © University of Utrecht & RoboSail systems BV, 2001.

Available upon request.  

'Een eerste stap naar automatische identificatie van lineaire tijdsinvariante systemen - Vergelijking van de ARX least squares en VAR Nuttall-Strand schattingsmethodieken in zowel tijd- als frequentiedomein' [Dutch only]

E.A. Hermans, © Delft University of Technology, 2003

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'AI on the Ocean: the RoboSail Project’

M.L. van Aartrijk, C.P. Tagliola & P.W. Adriaans, © RoboSail systems BV, 2002. Published in ‘Proceedings of European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2002’, p. 653-657, F. van Harmelen (ed.), IOS Press, 2002.

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'Learning to Sail - Knowledge Discovery in Embedded Adaptive Systems’

M.L. van Aartrijk & J. Samoocha, © RoboSail systems BV and Perot Systems BV, 2003. Published in ‘Proceedings of European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies, Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems (EUNITE 2003), Verlag Mainz, Aachen, 2003.

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'From Knowledge-Based systems to Skill-Based systems'

P.W. Adriaans, © RoboSail systems BV and University of Amsterdam, 2003. Published in ‘Proceedings of European Conference on Machine Learning 2003'.

Available upon request.