RoboSail systems performs or has performed research in cooperation with the following parties:

University of Amsterdam:
- the Robosail Project: design and implementation of intelligent autopilot- and yacht-management system.
- Using Reinforced Q-Learning algorithms on fuzzified datasets to determine optimal autopilot behavior in heavy sea-state.  
Perot Systems Nederland:
datamining and fuzzy-logic analysis of complex high-dimensional sailing databases. Data also made available to the Mining Mart programme of the European Union.  
Delft University of Technology:
using multi-dimensional autoregressive models to
predict and efficiently use wave-patterns for autopilot usage.  
University of Utrecht
Automatic optical detection of mainsail trim. (finished – see Publications )  
Nederlandse Instituut voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO)
Using radar technology to see windpatterns and augment the functionality of the Odys Autopilot system with automated collision-detection.