We are working on extending the Avalon Architecture, RoboSail systems’ robust control platform, with a suite of embedded systems that enable on-line learning methods and AI techniques to be used in areas where appliance of electronics, let alone sophisticated learning systems, is normally too hard. Read more on this in the Avalon Architecture whitepaper.    
Jonatan Samoocha of Perot Systems Nederland BV is working on inducing decision trees from fuzzy datasets gathered during sailraces with the RoboSail Odys™ Pilot system. Read the in-depth story here.
Mans Scholten of the Computer Science division of the University of Amsterdam performs research into automatic Reinforcement Learning techniques for optimal wave-surfing boat behavior. Read more here.    
With Erik Hermans of Delft University of Technology, we do research on using multi-dimensional autoregressive modeling techniques on predicting waves and wavepatterns to help the autopilot use surfing behavior. Read more here.    
The Physics and Electronics devision of the Dutch National Research Institute, TNO, works with us on using the latest in radar technology to allow the user to see remote windpatterns on water. For more information, contact us.    



Mark de Gids M.Sc. performed research during 2000 and 2001 on automatic optical recognition of mainsail-shape. Read more about it here