Thetys™ solid state digital compass – The affordable gyro-alternative!

Solid-state, digital compass

What are the key features of the RoboSail Thetys™ compass?

- Accuracy near that of an expensive gyro-stabilized compass
- At the price of a standard fluxgate compass!
- Available in three versions, allowing you to pick the digital compass best suited for your needs.
- Easy installation procedure


The revolutionary RoboSail Thetys™ Compass by RoboSail systems is the first solid-state, digital compass in the world. Combining the accuracy of an expensive gyro compass with the energy-saving and easy-to-use properties of a normal fluxgate compass, the RoboSail Thetys Compass™ delivers more for less.

The RoboSail Thetys™ Compass features state-of-the-art magnetic motion sensors and a powerful embedded processor to always calculate the correct course, even under the most severe circumstances. It has no moving parts and is therefore both extremely robust and energy efficient.

Whitepaper available here.

Accuracy < 1o deg
Freedom of tilt 60o deg
Power requirement 12V
Power consumption < 100mA
Operating temperature -25o...70oC
Size (l x h x w) 138 x 54 x 88 (mm)
Degree of protection IP66
Weight 400g nominal
Output(s)* NMEA-0183 (RS-422/RS-232)
Sine/cosine (through optional NMEA->sine/cosine adapter)
*) Depending on mode