MSU-III digital 6-axis motion sensor suite
The bigger brother of the Thetys™ digital compass, the MSU-III (Motion Sensor Unit) measures both angular and rotational movement on all 3 axes. Currently in use to exactly measure movements of new car prototypes, this versatile device is extremely well fitted to measure 3D-movement of any kind.

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SailCharter Professional sail wardrobe management system
Originally developed for the ‘djuice dragons’ team that participated in the Volvo Ocean Race 2001/2002, this software application interfaces with the onboard sensor network to assist the navigator and sail handlers in their management of the sail wardrobe. Rendering stacks of hand-sketched drawings of sail performance obsolete, the RoboSail SailCharter made picking the right sails much easier!

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Avalon™ Architecture
The backbone to the Odys™ Pilot system, the RoboSail Avalon™ Architecture has been developed to operate under extreme conditions. Based on the extremely robust Controller Area Network (CAN) ISO-11898 standard, the Avalon Architecture is well adapted to life at sea.

The Architecture is extendible to over 125 nodes on one bus, utilizing bus speeds of up to 1Mb. It also takes care of voltage supply to all connected units.

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