Odys™ Intelligent Pilot

What are the key features of the Odys™ Intelligent Pilot autopilot system?

- Steers to compass, apparent wind, true wind, GPS course.
- Also steers to optimal boatheel!
- Very energy efficient (less than 0.8A in standby mode for entire network)
- Drive units available up to 75A – the most powerful drive available anywhere!
- Very reliable: switches to compass mode if wind sensors fail
- Detection of possible hazardous situations, alarm through audio and on-screen messages.
- ‘Easy-tack’ button with audible and adjustable countdown-timer
- ‘EasyCal’ automatic calibration procedure


The Odys™ Pilot consists of the following units:

IRCU-III™ Intelligent Rudder Control Unit
Developed in cooperation with the Dutch Institute for Nuclear and High-Energy Physics, the IRCU-III™ is the world’s only rudder drive unit available in 75 Amp version. It contains onboard sensors that measure current and temperature. Its advanced software uses this information to not only steer optimally, but also being as energy-efficient and safe as possible.
Power requirements 12 – 48VDC
Max. power consumption 10, 25, 50 or 75Amp (depending on model)
Operating temperature -20o…+80o C
Degree of Protection IP66, cableplugs IP67
Weight 600g nominal
Thetys™ digital compass
RoboSail systems’ own revolutionary solid-state, digital compass system with almost the accuracy of an expensive and bulky gyro-compass, at the price of a good but inaccurate fluxgate.
See the separate Thetys Product page.
GPU-II™ Intelligent Processing Unit
The interlink unit between the Avalon Architecture Network, legacy NMEA-0183 devices and your onboard PC, the GPU-II unit makes sure the Odys Pilot always performs optimally. Equipped with two 16-bit processors and the latest data processing software technology, this unit makes sure you needn’t
ry about a th
Power requirements 12VDC (through Avalon Network)
power consumption 300mA nominal
Operating temperature -20o…+80o C
Degree of Protection IIP64, cableplugs IP67
Weight 400g nominal
Inteface(s) - RJ-45 Ethernet plug for LAN/Internet connection
- DB-9 RS-232/422 input for external NMEA-0183 data
DCU Control Unit
The DCU units can be mounted throughout a ship as information- and control displays to the RoboSail Odys™ Pilot.
Power requirements 12VDC (through Avalon Network)
power consumption 130mA at 12 VDC with backlight off, 160mA with backlight on
Operating temperature -10o C to +70o C
Degree of Protection Front: sealed to IP65; back must be protected
Weight 300g nominal
MMW-005 solid state windsensor (optional)
Built and developed by the meteological experts of Mierij Meteo in De Bilt, NL, this wind sensor uses a temperature sensitive sensor to measure wind angle and wind speed. The MMW-005 wind sensor has no moving parts, which guarantees a long lifespan with a minimum of maintenance. Its incredible performance is the ideal companion to the RoboSail Odys™ High-Performance Pilot system.
Power requirements 12 VDC
power consumption 120mA
Operating temperature -25o …+70o C
Degree of Protection IP65
Weight 200g nominal
Operating range 0…25 m/s (50kn)
--Minimum wind speed 0.2 m/s (0.4kn)
--Wind direction 0….359.9 deg
--Wind speed < 3%
--Wind direction < 2%
Response time <1s
Response frequency 10Hz
For detailed information on the complete Odys™ Pilot system, read the white paper (will be avaliable soon)